Upon visiting Bruges, you will immediately notice that this city has always carefully cherished its architectural and artistic treasures from the past. What makes Bruges so typical though, is the way it deals with this past today. The people of Bruges would like to invite you to join them and to enjoy it as much as they do.

Walking is the best way to discover Bruges. The city is rather small - you can easily walk across it in half an hour. On this site you’ll find 4 walking tours of an hour and a half each which allow you to explore Bruges at your own pace.

If this is your first visit to Bruges, we advise you to pick the first, leading as it does along the most spectacular sights. The other tours involve an indepth exploration of other, most interesting city quarters, i.e. the ramparts, folkloristic Bruges and hanseatic Bruges.

Walking Tour A Bruges, City of Monuments = 5 km

This walking tour starts from the new information centre In&Uit, [Concertgebouw] situated in ‘t Zand square, your one-stop information point for details on culture and tourism and for ticket sales

Walking Tour B Bruges, Sleeping Bruges = 3,7 km

This walking tour will guide you through a very quiet neighbourhood, where you will discover beautiful churches, almshouses, the windmills and many other picturesque places. Leave Burg square via Burgstraat, towards Philipstockstraat.

Tour C Bruges, Bruges and Europe = 4,2 km

This walking tour leads through the former Hanseatic Bruges, i.e. the city quarter where most foreign merchant houses and consulates were established in the 14th-15th centuries.

Tour D Bruges, Surprising Bruges = 4 km

This city quarter is dominated by the new Concert Hall